AeroSky 550

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The AeroSky 550 Hexacopter is a multi-rotor, or hexacopter flying machine designed for both amateur and experienced pilots alike. It is driven by six brushless outrunner motors and supported by six brushless electronic speed controllers. This impressive power system nets a payload capacity of up to 3 pounds. This allows the AeroSky 550 to carry FPV camera systems or other recording devices that can be applied to entertainment, aerial photography, and other aero activities.

The frame of the AeroSky 550 structure consists of frame arms that adopt ultra strength material and design providing enhanced rigidity and crash worthiness. The hexacopter arms are also color coordinated which makes it easier for the pilot to recognize the orientation of the AeroSky 550 from a distance. The main boards are constructed with high strength compound PCB frame board, which makes wiring of electronic speed controllers and battery leads safer and easier. The optimized frame design also provides abundant assembly space for autopilot systems.

AeroSky 550 Features

  • Ultra Strength Material
  • Integrated PCB wiring
  • Huge Assembly Space
  • Gorgeous Frame Arms

AeroSky 550 Specifications

Dimensions: 55x55cm
Height: 10cm
Weight: 1200g ~ 2400g
Six 10x4.5 inch Propellers

USA Proud

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